7 Simple Ways To Instantly Get Unstuck


It happens to me all the time. That sticky challenge keeps finding its way back…

…the problem I can’t seem to solve becomes a brick wall I can’t get over…

…or my mind just gets stuck in a loop of incremental ideas.

People ask me all the time what I do in those moments so I created this video and guide for them…for YOU. And no, it’s not complicated (don’t believe people that tell you innovation is complex because it’s not), in fact this is one page — SIMPLE, EASY TO IMPLEMENT.

It’s my gift to you….


Watch the video, download and print out the guide. I hope this helps you get over your challenges and moving towards break-through ideas as it has for so many other Everyday Innovators in the Tribe.



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Tamara Ghandour

Tamara Ghandour is the pioneering voice in the field of human-centered innovation, the creator of the IQE assessment, podcast host, and Crossfit addict