A Quick Rant-Why Your Efforts to be an Innovator and Ignite a Culture of Innovation Fail

There are 4 main reasons why your efforts to be an innovator and to build a culture of innovation often fail (and a few hints to avoid them):

#1 You’ve implemented a process-first innovation effort that only leads to “launch and abandon” because you lack buy-in and longevity.

People first innovation is how you win long-term.

#2 You and your team are actually accidentally playing to your weaknesses around innovation so it only leads to exhaustion.

On the other hand, playing to your unique innovation strengths energizes and delivers real results.

#3 With really good intentions, you’re asking yourself and your team to “think outside the box” yet the box you all live in is holding you back.

There is more break-through innovation to be found in re-arranging the box you have.

#4 The innovation efforts you implemented are a one-size fits all approach so you are ignoring a tremendous amount of untapped potential, and you’re actually seeing engagement go down.

Tapping the power of diversity of thinking elevates engagement, collaboration and innovation.

I hope you’ll join me this Wednesday at 12pm EST to discover why teams at leading organizations are ditching design-thinking, agile and lean for this energizing, engaging and sustainable human-centered innovation approach, and avoid the 4 big mistakes that lead to innovation failure.

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Tamara Ghandour

Tamara Ghandour is the pioneering voice in the field of human-centered innovation, the creator of the IQE assessment, podcast host, and Crossfit addict